Here are some of the people instrumental in helping Madelyn Given accomplish her goals…one step at a time.

About Clive Ward

For the past thirty eight years in Southern and East Africa Clive Ward has been involved with wilderness areas in various regions in Africa, as a mountain, bush and tribal land trekking guide for photographic oriented safari companies. In particular he has specialized in walking safaris on Mount Kenya, Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, and Ruwenzori Mountains in Uganda. Also lowland bush treks along the Tsavo and Galana rivers in Tsavo West and Tsavo East National Parks in Kenya. In the course of work have produce three photographic books, a ‘How to Trekking’ guide for Kilimanjaro and assisted wildlife film units in game parks and reserves.


One thought on “Adventure

  1. Fiona Lawless

    Hello Madelyn,
    My name is Fiona and I work with your friend Kevin Plummer. Yesterday Kevin told me about your blog. I had no idea of the coincidences which were about to ensue.

    Myself and my boyfriend love to travel and we took a year out to travel from Portland, Maine through Mexico and Central America from 2013-2014. We have just recently started putting a travel blog together of that year.

    Anyways I am currently finishing a post on San Salvador, so I was flabbergasted when I opened your site and right there on the front page was a picture that I immediately recognised – “El Boqueron”.

    We absolutely loved El Salvador and we hope you do too. We also loved Guatemala and Nicaragua, Honduras was probably our least favourite but it’s not that we didn’t like it.

    I’ve been enjoying looking through your site and it was great to see the photo of Kevin in there from your hikes together. We are jealous of all your travels and hope that some day we will see as much of the world as you have.

    All the Best and enjoy Central America,
    Fiona & Jerry


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