Journals to a Published Book: Part 2

My journals set in a drawer for a few years until one day, after a few people had asked me, “When are you going to write a book?” It seemed to be the right opportunity for me to sit down and put a manuscript together. This was a long, time-consuming endeavor. It took many months of transforming notes into essays, which later became chapters of the book, adding descriptions that would please a reader, eliminating other things, and checking for accuracy and details.  This was something I tried to accomplish in between many other projects, family, travel, running events, and daily living.

From Journaling to Publication 1(1)

After the journals were written in essay format, it became a handwritten rough draft. Then I had to decide how I wanted it to come together as one unit. The rough draft was changed and became twelve chapters. At this time, I found out that a small group of writers met each fall and spring in a room in our local public library. I joined them. This helped me build confidence as a novice writer.

Again, the unfinished manuscript set in a drawer for awhile, yet always in the back of my mind. Then the chapters were edited by a friend who was willing to take time to read what I had completed. Improvements, corrections and a final manuscript was laser printed and finalized. The work was transferred to CD’s, and photos were selected and a table of contents was added. Again, this writing piece was set aside in a drawer while my daily life continued at a busy pace. I was waiting for that window of opportunity, a block of time to seek out and find a publisher and time to pursue the publishing of the book.

For a few years, we had been spending time in Florida during the winters.  We hurriedly packed up our minivan and off we drove for a change from the beautiful Maine winters, which I enjoy. This year when we packed up. I went back to my writing studio, opened the drawer with my manuscript, and, for the first time, I took out a CD copy and put it in my laptop briefcase. In March, I was in our local tiny post office in Florida preparing to mail a package to my granddaughters when a lady dropped off a package. I picked it up, and we looked at each other. I knew then we had connected. It was a God connecting moment.

She thanked me and said the package was her book.

She mumbled that someone usually did her mailings, and she definitely was in a hurry.

I spoke out that I had a manuscript ready for publication.

She said she was a publisher.

She gave me her card.

I emailed her.

We set up an appointment, I gave her my CD and she said she would look at it. It wasn’t long before she e-mailed me and said my book was accepted, and she would take it on its way. We began in April after I returned from Florida. Little did I know how much more work lay ahead for the publishing of the book.