Journey’s Edge

Every adventure starts with a beginning and mine lies in a manuscript, complete with photos that sat dormant in my drawer for six years without pursuing its publication. For one reason it needed to be the right moment, the right situation for it to happen. In my life this has always been true. In addition, my husband and I designed were involved with building our retirement home, in our home state of Maine. And then as life happens, I became the sole caretaker for my elderly mother. Family is always top priority to me.

I was concerned about the book never seeing the light of day- as life goes by quickly- but I needed a block of time to dedicate to work on the publishing and marketing of the product. I always believe in undertaking major projects one at a time and doing it well. Writing the book I did in steps; one adventure at a time and then revising and editing.

I wrote the book as a memoir for my family and as motivation for other men and especially women to seek out and not be afraid of trying something new in their lives. It is not always easy for a number of reasons: not enough time, not enough money, not enough time to train, and perhaps no one to encourage you in a weak moment! All of these things have happened to me in my lifetime, but where there is a will, there is a way! A strong mind is the key. I will never leave a project unfinished, especially if I tell someone that I am working on it.

Of course, during the long period of was writing the book, family and friends knew I was working on this project. Then the occasional question would come: “How is your book project coming along?” There are the believers and doers, and then there are those who probably thought it would never happen, and some who could care less. But people who pursue dreams and make them come true work hard to achieve. Through thick and thin, I have found one nugget of my success can be attributed to perseverance. It is the key!

I have never considered myself special in any sense including writing. I didn’t come from a family of writers nor did I major in writing or literature in college or for a career. But after I accomplished a few unusual world adventures my friends and neighbors began to ask if I would write a book. Of course it took a while for me to process this and then I looked at a few of my journals. Each adventure had many pages with detailed descriptions which helped me begin to piece together what became a book. It was like piecing together a puzzle or making a quilt, both of which are things I enjoy doing.

Then the right moment, the right place, and the right situation took place for it to come together. Now that I am retired, our home is completed, and my family has my blessings, it’s the perfect time for me to pursue this new adventure in my life. I am very excited; once the light goes on the adrenaline begins to flow, and what once seemed impossible begins to unfold. I am fulfilling a dream and making it a reality.