Keeping Balance in Life

My tent high on Aconcagua

My tent high on Aconcagua

Every part of my life is busy and life around me is always changing—I’m sure it is the same for you. Life can be stressful at times with overwork, and not enough time to do all the things you need to do. Three things affect my life and life in general: time, energy and resources. To be successful you need all three.

You need enough help usually financial to achieve most goals, enough energy, good health, and of course time. This is true in successfully completing a mountaineering goal, a marathon, or completing a through hike on the Appalachian Trail. It works at home or work as well with projects or responsibilities and duties.

So many times things don’t work out well. They just don’t happen. That’s what makes the few times so special when great things come together and you achieve your goals. There are many examples we can all recall, I’m sure, when one of the three elements do not come together. For me, one of those times was a severe snow storm that kept my guide and me in a tent high on up on Aconcagua. After a while our food and fuel began to run out, and that made us too weak to go on, and for us the time just ran out. I detail this in my book. LINK GOES HERE

With a family, life is keeping a balance, not everything is running a marathon, hiking or climbing mountains. Actually high adventures are a very, very small part of my family life. Most of the time is spent accomplishing goals to make the extra things possible. Staying healthy, being happy, keeping busy, working and sharing family time together. Holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and other events bring family, neighbors and friends together. Being involved in community projects have always been part of our lives. We gain by giving of time, energy and resources. Believe it or not, I even make time to relax.

My husband likes classic cars and devotes time to all it entails. He is handy and will help build cabinets at our daughter’s home or assist our son at restoring his early American home. He has many talents and they are different than mine. I enjoy a diverse list of activities besides hiking and running. I like to dance, cook, quilt, sew, garden, and read. A balance is staying active mentally as well as physically.

I take a course every fall and spring and for quite a few sessions I have been taking Spanish. It is quite a challenge sometimes but the effort is worth the gains, and outweighs quitting.  It is important not to overdo or take on more than you can do well. I notice people who are burned out, unhappy with their work and complainers who talk about all their illnesses. I try to avoid negativity. It makes me tired being around those types of people.  I try to keep a positive attitude, be happy, stay active, stay healthy and smile. I try not to think about myself. It is better to find good in others. I believe that humor is very good medicine, as well. Every so often it is good to reflect. Writing blog posts allows me an outlet to do this. Reflecting for me it is remembering time with my students—while I was teaching, being with friends and family, the happiness grandchildren bring into my life, and past adventures. Some of the more “outstanding” ones are included in my book. I’m blessed to have a time to share some of these with all of you. How do you keep balance in your life?