Old & New Travel Adventures

 Until I went to Africa and climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro in 1997 I had never traveled without a family member. Now I have traveled by myself to all the continents and many countries in the world. My husband is busy with business and hobbies that keep him near home but on special occasions we find time to travel together. We went to the Bahamas many years ago and again quite recently. It is amazing to see such changes on this small island. We have sailed to a few of the Caribbean Islands. Puerto Rico and Aruba are two that we enjoyed. And some of the islands are more relaxed like the Virgin Islands and some more bustling like the French and Dutch Antilles.

In 1969 my husband and I traveled throughout Great Britain hostelling. It was a safe, inexpensive and enjoyable way to travel. We went to the investiture of Prince Charles and saw the Royal Family. Things have changed since we first traveled. Things are more costly and much more safety precautions are in place. Yet there is something that draws me to new places, making new friends, and trying a new adventure.

Canada is our next door neighbor and we take advantage of the beauty and culture to visit the nearby provinces. Quebec is a special place we go time and again because of the great shopping, fine dining experiences, French culture and so much more. New Brunswick is so scenic especially the Gaspe Peninsula. Nova Scotia along the coast is so beautiful, Prince Edward Island is a charming place, Newfoundland is a natural scenic wonder and so beautiful and Labrador is for outdoors wilderness adventures. We make opportunities to visit as much as possible.

We traveled to Iceland and last fall to Eastern Europe during the off season with fewer tourists, and found it was less expensive and just as much fun. Iceland has its charm with its glaciers, ponies and small villages is a restful place to visit. We traveled by boat on the Danube in Eastern Europe as well as by car through seven countries, Hungry, Bulgaria, Rumania, Czech Republic, Croatia, Serbia,  and Slovakia. Each country is special with its history, government, people and culture.

Last summer we went to Bermuda as a family surprise gathering for our daughter’s birthday. It is fun meeting people and viewing historic sites. A few years ago my daughter and I traveled and hiked in Turkey. We still talk about that great adventure together. Our son traveled with us to Egypt. We sailed on the Nile and stopped at the ancient historical sites. Later we drove to an oasis and stayed and continued further on to the Black Sand Desert and the White Sand Desert part of the Sahara and camped under the stars.

What’s next? A book launch this year is planned and you can be sure, travel is still on my agenda.