Meeting people from all walks of life all over the world is an adventure in itself! Having them review the book is another… this is what other people have to say after reading Outstanding Feats by an Ordinary Woman by Madelyn Given.

Professional Reviews

Madelyn has sought high adventure and has lived with discomfort, which is a celebration of an adventurous spirit. Kilimanjaro had been a spring board to explore other worlds within our world, which has led to her outstanding feats. Madelyn displays sensitivity and awareness of different cultures and sees with compassion the suffering of others. To run seven marathons on the seven continents is not only an outstanding feat, but inspirational to other people. Madelyn is Extra Ordinary.

As a professional mountaineer and an amateur geologist, I know there are no gems or gold on Kilimanjaro. Often when I am there, I look for crystallize features of feldspar. The real gems are people like Madelyn Given.

Clive Ward, co’ author of Snowcaps on the Equator, Mountains of Southern Africa, Talk to the Stars and author of How to Trek Kilimanjaro.

Reader Reviews

Motivation come is all shapes and sizes and in the book, Outstanding Feats, Madelyn shows that making up her mind to do it, is more than a popular, brand slogan. After reading this book I was motivated to begin taking walks, and set goals for improvement. This is a far cry from running marathons or climbing mountains, but reading the book encouraged me to start small, one-step-at-a-time, just like Madelyn. This is a must read not only for anyone who craves adventure, but for those who need motivation to begin their own.

Felice Gerwitz is an author, speaker and publisher, Media Angels, Inc.


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