Stay Focused

Aconcagua, the highest mountain in the Western Hemisphere

Aconcagua, the highest mountain in the Western Hemisphere

Staying focused is not always so easy to do. I try to have a positive outlook, avoid procrastination, take one-step-at-a-time and I am organized. I carry this over into my training.

For example each daily run I keep a meticulous log with the following information:

What time I ran
The run length
Running Time
Physical condition after the run
Weather conditions and temperature

At this same, I was training for mountain climbing. Typically I practice on a small hill in western Maine not too far from home. Each week I bring a backpack with weights and go up and down this small mountain three times, then the next week I add five more pounds and repeat this until finally after a few weeks I am up to forty—forty-five pounds. I allow three to four months of rigorous training besides the running, swimming and weight training.

Mornings are great time for me to exercise or to write. I like to get up and get started whether it be running, biking swimming laps and currently, as I sit here now writing a blog. Whatever I’m doing I like to get into the rhythm, and in this case the words begin to flow and I can cruise along.  I really think productive people have a routine.

Writing a book took time and dedication, in addition there was a purpose. When you strip away the details of my story, I believe you will discover that the heart of the book is proving one’s self and motivating others, in some good way to try to find their own adventures. I want to encourage you to try something outside of your comfort zone, even just one time that is extra ordinary. I hope people read my book, Outstanding Feats by an Ordinary Woman for enjoyment, as well.

With the focus of writing a blog post, the key is a methodology, similar to what I learned while trying to climb or run, staying focused and using time management in this case. I find it helpful to take a pocket size notepad with me; I keep one in my car, in my purse. Ideas usually pop up in the darnedest places. I outline before I write but inevitably I deviate from my outline or notes. I have no gimmicks, no pop-ups or 3D with polarized glasses. I persevere and maintain the discipline to accomplish the goal avoiding the pitfalls from getting discouraged. Focus on the good and the rewards are exciting. Staying focused is being a life long learner. It keeps you connected to the world. I also enjoy to teach a lesson, be a mentor and it helps to stay focused and in touch with society. Teaching can save the brain! Be the best you can. Stop and take the time to think.

When I am running a marathon I am alert to my surroundings. I remember running the New York City Marathon and running through all of the Boroughs. The bands were playing, different ethnic groups in their neighborhoods, crossing the Brooklyn Bridge and listening to the crowds cheering us to the finish in Central Park. When I am hiking I am alert to my surroundings. My ears, eyes, body, feet, and mind are all in tune to my surroundings. Birds are chirping, a twig is snapped by an animal, water running in a stream, and the sound of the wind in the trees are welcome sounds to my ears.  At home I walk my dog. Pets are a great way to keep you focused to a daily routine with their love and needed care. It is more difficult to stay focused in our home then it is in my world of high adventures. Once I am running the marathon, climbing the mountain or walking the long hike, I am focused, extremely focused but it is preparing that is most difficult. Learn to stay with the program, the training and work toward the goal.