Value Yourself and Know Yourself

Climbing on Aconcagua (Argentina) South America

Climbing high through the penitents on Aconcagua, (Argentina) South America

Some writers are elegant and their words ripple across the page. Unfortunately this is not me, but I will not allow this mere fact to deter me from a mission to write a book, learn to blog or communicate my thoughts. I am not a fancy writer. I am simplistic in my thinking, quite practical, utilitarian with common sense. For many years I was an elementary teacher. It took a great deal of training to easily use come down to the vocabulary of my young students and then after many years of teaching I suppose it is close to impossible to become a sophisticated writer. But practice makes for improvement and where there is a will there is a way. As you will learn through my book and my blog posts, this is me. I am determined to overcome what others may consider impossible.

I do try to be precise, accurate, descriptive and honest as a writer. Accuracy and truth are important in life and of course, in writing as well. The truth is sometimes hard to write down, especially when dealing with issues close at hand such as when I didn’t meet a challenge as well as I wanted to. I try to be as realistic as I can. When I was on my travels, I sometimes would struggle with making a journal entry sing with impressions, reactions and reflections.

I am convinced that brains work differently. I do eventually get there, like the Tortoise and the Hare. I am not the fastest but I will finish; I persevere like The Little Engine That Could, and I am the person who took the road less traveled and I am glad. In this way I could accomplish what some may consider an outstanding feat, but to me it was a path or a goal to reach.

Along with many other people, l have a few bad habits, however I make up for some of my faults by staying clear of some habit forming additions- especially alcohol, smoking, drugs, and gambling. In my opinion these traits are handicapping and prevent optimum individual success. Too often I have witnessed talented individuals succumb to these vices. While I did not have stumbling blocks to overcome as some do, I had a firm foundation in my earlier years. I was thankful and happy with who I was and I did not dwell on negativity or idleness. I think these traits helped me

It is important to value and know yourself. When I am fully engaged in something like climbing under severe conditions into thin air, I feel it is a test of endurance or perseverance. Am I going to let this mountain beat me, or am I going to try everything humanly possible to reach the top? The same goes for running; enduring pain to finish a marathon and not quitting. Even this latest venture, going into the unknown of publishing a book for the first time—the methodology is similar; you must know, value and trust yourself as needed. For me, it is about living a responsible and respectable life. I’m excited to be on another journey, this one of sharing my personal experiences with the world. It is what defines success for me and clarifies my contribution of my life to help others along the way. In writing and publishing this book, I’m able to build a bridge with my book to those of you who will hopefully read it. In this way my journey continues that of being a lifelong learner and being the best I can be—and I pray this for you as well.