As I sit at my window, I can see the loons that keep me company every day.

View From My Window

As I sit and work in my writing studio, I get distracted by the life outside my windows. On the third floor of our house, the views are quite extensive. I look down on my walking path, which goes through the pines and along the water front.

Red squirrels try to chase away the big fat gray squirrels. There is always a merry chase going on as the squirrels ran up and down the trunks of the trees and leap from one branch to another. The squirrels check the bird feeders, trying to get ahead of the birds that come to visit. The ducks waddle up to the feeders; as the summer passes, they gain confidence and are not so afraid of us anymore.

Mother muskrat swims along the shoreline, heading out for food, then returning by swimming under our dock to her home in the burrow. She swims with great earnestness and purpose in her nature. Once in a while I will see her young. Once a day, the bald eagle flies in to land on a big tree limb in front of my window. It will stay there quite a while surveying the area, looking for its prey. Sometimes I will hear a big splash and look out— and it is ever so slowly, with effort, rising above the water with a fish in its talons.

One recent morning, four deer walked up my path and stopped at one of the bird feeders to munch on the feed that had fallen on the ground. It was clearly a four generation group, from this year’s fawn, to a one-year old, a young mother, and a grandmother.

A blue heron flies by twice a day to feed in our marsh. While watching for minnows, it walks carefully, placing one foot at a time, to avoid disturbing the water. Sometimes it walks on my path before flying along the water, out of sight, towards its nest.

In the spring a few turtles come ashore to nest on our lawn. They appear to move slowly, but before I know it they have come and gone from my view here. There are mud turtles, spotted turtles, and huge snapping turtles.

We have loons that keep me company every day. They let me know what is happening, as they speak out very clearly and alert all other creatures to where they are and what is happening around them. They are curious, fun, and beautiful birds. The adult will carry the baby on its back–a lovely sight to see.

A pair of Baltimore orioles comes for the cut-up oranges I leave especially for them. Woodpeckers are visitors in our woods; even the pileated woodpecker occasionally sits on the ground and pecks into a dead tree within my view. Our hummingbirds, who really know us, provide great enjoyment. The crows that watch our place act as sentinels, sitting high in our pines.

I could go on and on with the sights of nature, but we have fishermen and boaters, too. Neighbors greet me from my dock. Rain or shine during the summer, someone is kayaking, canoeing, or boating in front of my windows. It is great fun watching a fisherman, as it is serious business to them. He or she is lost in happy bliss for long periods of time, sitting or standing in their boat, enjoying their time as they cast out for a fish and hope to be rewarded with a great catch.

As you can see, I do have a difficult time keeping on task, as the views from my window are quite distracting—but very enjoyable!

-August 12, 2014